Japanese food day

Every 1st thursday each month
It was grandma ...

Japanese recipes

In late 2004, Karo and Yoshi returned to the Binderhäusl after three years of closed family business. On re-opening they tried to revive something extraordinary - to create a kitchen that reflects the roots of Grandma Reiko (Mum of Yoshi) with the regional culinary traditions in harmony.

From this tradition, the Japanese specialty evening was born every first Thursday of the month. In May 2019 it was the 120th.

  • Sushi

  • Ente

  • Schweinbauch

  • Lachs

  • Thunfisch

  • Vorspeise

Not only


Contrary to popular opinion, in Japan you also eat something else than raw fish :-)
And that's exactly what makes our japanese dinner evening so special: you choose your favorite dishes from a small menu. Here is a selection of Karos Japanese recipes:

  • Beefsteak "Tatakifu"

  • Udon noodles with tempura

  • Chicken sticks "Yakitori"

  • Grilled duck breast "Tonkatsu"

  • Filet of salmon "Teriyaki"

  • Filet of black kingfish "Yakiniku"

As you know, Karo is alone in the kitchen and sushi is very expensive to prepare, so we always offer it as a starter variation.

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